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Perspective 3D


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At Perspective 3D, we specialize in cutting-edge 3D property documentation, serving the building, design, and construction industries in Grand Rapids. Utilizing advanced Matterport hardware and software technology, our team captures highly detailed and accurate 3D representations of properties that anyone, from anywhere, can easily access and walk through for collaboration and documentation. This sophisticated approach not only aids in visualizing spaces but also supports planning and design processes. Detailed information can be embed within the space to support remote collaboration with critical stakeholders. CAD and Revit files can be easily generated from the collected data

Our services are particularly beneficial for construction projects, offering immersive 3D, walkable construction status updates. These updates provide invaluable insights for project managers, stakeholders, and clients, ensuring everyone is up-to-date with the latest developments on site. This feature helps in tracking progress, identifying potential issues early, and maintaining a comprehensive record of the construction process.

Whether it's for new construction, renovations, or historical documentation, Perspective 3D delivers precise and reliable 3D mapping solutions. Our commitment to using powerful hardware and innovative software ensures that our clients receive the most accurate and detailed property visuals available.



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